Snowflake Festival General Info

Registration will be open to individuals, clubs or groups for the sale of original handcrafted items made or assembled by the seller, as well as the sales of items which add to the art of living. No food items for on-premises consumption may be sold from any arts / crafts or retail booths. If you are in violation of the rules you will be asked to move your booth to the food section or to tear down; there will be no refunds. Please submit a non-returnable picture of your merchandise and of your booth or display set-up, along with your application, so that we may ensure our patrons a wide variety of choices. The Sherman Snowflake Festival retains the right to return applications, along with fee at any time.

Vendors selected will receive confirmation of acceptance/rejection within ten working days. Vendors are required to collect and remit state and local sales tax. NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT A COPY OF YOUR TEXAS SALES TAX PERMIT. Please contact the State Comptroller’s office in Sherman for information and assistance, 800-252-5555 or go online to The State Comptroller’s office does send a representative out the day of the event to perform spot checks in order to make sure you have the correct permit. If you do not, they will have the necessary forms for you to fill out on site.


Saturday, December 3, 2016, with a rain/inclement weather plan of Sat., Dec. 10.
Set-up can start as early as 9:30 am Saturday, December 3rd. Booths must be completely set up, ready for sales by 11:30 am. No exceptions. After unloading, you will be directed to nearby off-site vendor parking.

LOCATION: 100 W. Houston Street, Sherman, TX

Along Lamar, Houston, and Travis surrounding the Grayson County Courthouse square – Crockett Street is reserved for the Tree Lighting ceremony and parade emcees.


Payment and application deadline is Monday, November 28 and with no refunds after this date.
You may register/pay by the following:


10’ x 10’ Booths may be shared. Vendors may request up to two (2) adjacent spaces per vendor. Sorry, no unloading assistance will be available. Vendors must provide their own tables, chairs, shade coverings, etc. Spaces assigned on first-come, first-serve basis, by application date. Spaces are also assigned to avoid having similar products side by side. No refunds for bad weather. Instructions and booth assignments will be e-mailed approximately one week before the festival. Please notify Debbie Brown at 903-892-7304 if you have not received the e-mail by November 30th.


Limited electricity is available to food vendors. Vendors will be responsible for providing their own heavy duty extension cord of the necessary length to reach the electrical source. Vendors need to provide electrical requirements; i.e. 50 amp / 30 amp.


Vendors will be limited to reduce duplicate items and limited space.

Organizations must hold a 501(C)(3) status in Sherman, TX city limits. What activities are allowable in the non-profit booths?
Selling fundraising items (merchandise, event or raffle tickets, etc) – Non-profit organizations may sell merchandise or ready-to-eat pre-packaged food which results in 100% of the proceeds benefitting the non-profit organization. This includes selling tickets to a future event, selling chances on a prize drawing or any similar fundraising activity. Activities of all nonprofit organizations must be approved in advance.

Displaying posters or literature & handing out flyers about the non-profit organization – Non-profit organizations may display posters or literature and may have flyers, etc. to hand out if requested by visitors at the booth. Distribution of materials is limited to assigned booth space.

Includes vendors selling ready-to-eat food from a food truck or booth


Sales begin at 12:00 pm and end whenever you wish, or until 8:00 pm. You may sell as early as you are ready on Saturday morning, but be aware that others will still be setting up until 11:30am.


Event will be marketed to North Texas/Southern Oklahoma.